The truth.




On the 19th June 1917, the Representation of the People Act bill was passed by 385 votes to 55 in the House of Commons.

On the 10th January 1918, the House of Lords also voted to give all men in Britain the vote. It brought in 44% of the adult male population or more than five million men- as well as women over 30, meeting minimum property requirements, representing 40% or more than 8 million women.

The Representation of the People Act received Royal Assent on 6th February 1918.

This centenary year, much is being made of the introduction of female suffrage, with the insinuation that the Representation of the People Act was a victory for women and feminism. In fact, it was a victory for men, women and democracy.

This site will be used to catalogue content that tells the true history (rather than the popular feminist historiography) of the Representation of the People Act.

16 thoughts on “The truth.

  1. Thank you for an informative and clear site. As a general point it is remarkable how ill informed we are in the UK about our constitution and its history. Such things as how important “property” and tax paying were as a qualification to vote for instance.

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    1. My formal education gave me a very incomplete view about the history of the vote in particular- and I have heard the same complaint from those significantly younger and older than I. This year is the perfect time to try to rectify that!


  2. For anyone interested there is an article in the latest issue of History Today (the “February” edition) by Fern Riddell. Making the points that the Suffragettes conducted a terrorist bombing campaign on some scale. And charts the way this has been ” sanitised”. So there is much about the women being in Prison but nothing about some of the crimes that they committed. I was surprised myself at the scale of the bombing and arson campaign.


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